Michigan State University Horsemen's Association is registered with student life at MSU. The Association was founded in 1999. We serve as the umbrella organization for other equine related clubs. MSUHA is open to equestrians and non-equestrians. We welcome anyone who is interest in getting experience with the horse world or simply wants to gain knowledge in other areas of running a club. Each and every year we host the Green and White Fuzzy show to raise funds but also meet some cute ponies. On top of that we put on Horsemen's Weekend filled with fun events and clinicians.  Both of these events are for the public!

For general members we meet with equine professionals, host guest speakers, and connect with the industry across campus and Michigan. At the end of each year we take a club trip where we learn about the equine culture in the given state.  This year we are headed to Lexington, Kentucky!

Meet our Executive Board

Our current executive board consists of 11 members from all different backgrounds. We have representatives of Hunt Seat Team and Rodeo Club on our board. These students commit lots of time to help bring you the Green & White Fuzzy Show as well as MSU Horsemen's Weekend. Click below to get to know them more!