MSU Horsemen's Association

Michigan State University Horsemen's Association is a registered student organization. We have been connecting students with the equine industry since our founding in 1999. Our club is open to any student with a passion for horses or even a curiosity. We offer multiple opportunities to get experience in the equine industry or leadership experience within an organization.

Horsemen’s Association is very excited to be hosting State Representative Julie Alexander October 19th at 7PM in room 1281 Anthony Hall. Representative Alexander is head of the Agriculture House Committee and works closely with farmers and the community to educate, protect, and create a lasting legacy in the agriculture industry. Her policy ranges anywhere from crops and soils, to beef cattle farms, dairy operation, horse racing, food laws, and much more. Her and her husband also own and operate a crop farm and used to have a dairy herd as well. Representative Alexander has received many awards for her public service. To learn more about her, click this link:

By signing up and attending our event, you will be entered to win a $50 amazon gift card. If you’re apart of another student organization, we are giving away a free pizza party to a club who sends a minimum of 5 members. This is also a great meeting topic if your club already plans on meeting this day! You can sign up below!